Your Cardigan In The Wild

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Built to look good.

Cardigans should be sophisticated, but they should also be effortless. From the tailored shape to the fitted yet layerable sleeves, Your Cardigan checks all the boxes. To create this piece, women in our community told us what they liked (and disliked) about the cardigans in their closets, resulting in the best cardigan you’ll ever own.

Built for all days.

From the layerable fabric weight to the understated buttons, the ways to wear are endless…

For office days

Make “business casual” stylish – pair Your Cardigan with wide-leg trousers, a tank, and white sneakers. Boss lady status achieved.

For farmers market strolls

Make out-and-about elevated – throw on Your Cardigan with your go-to denim shorts and white sneakers. Ready for all the local goodies!

For Sunday brunches

Make cute effortless – style Your Cardigan with a floral dress and chunky sandals. Outfit inspiration for all your friends.

Built to last.

There is nothing worse than cardigans that pill and require delicate care. From using combed yarn for minimal pilling, to optimizing fabric dyeing for fade-free longevity, to adding extra reinforcement around the buttons to prevent wear and tear, Your Cardigan will be looking just as good after the 50th wash as it does out of the bag. Go ahead, throw it on as a layer for every occasion.

Built responsibly.

From the organic cotton farm in Texas, to the family-owned yarn spinner in North Carolina, to the cut & sew factory in California, we build relationships with every hand that touches your cardigan. Not only does this allow us to work with amazing craftsmen right here in the US, it’s also the only way to make responsible decisions at every stage of our supply chain. From the certified organic cotton farm free from toxic chemicals, to the dye house with strict wastewater treatment standards, to the cut & sew factory that minimizes fabric waste, Your Cardigan is better for you, better for our partners, better for our earth.