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Our farm-to-closet approach.

A piece of clothing touches many hands and travels across the globe before making its way into your closet. Decisions made at every stage of the manufacturing process affect the quality of the final piece. Most brands only focus on the sewing stage.

We work directly with our partners at every stage of our supply chain, from farm to closet, allowing us to truly make the best version of the clothing you actually wear.

1. Cotton Farming

It all starts with organic cotton. We work with a co-op of 35 farms in the South Plains of Texas. At the farm, we maximize the fiber staple length and strength to ensure durable, soft fabric.

2. Yarn Spinning

The bails of raw cotton are then spun into yarn at our generations-old spinning mill partner in North Carolina. The cotton is stretched and spun into fine strands of yarn. During this stage, we put the cotton through a special combing process to minimize pilling and increase softness.

3. Fabric Milling

The spools of yarn are then knit or woven into fabric at our century-old mill partners in Massachusetts and South Carolina. We optimize the knit structures and weave patterns for extreme durability.

4. Fabric Dyeing

The fabric is then dyed with our family-owned dye house partners in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. We use reactive dyes and specific dye processes to maximize the longevity of the fabric’s color shade.

5. Sewing

Finally, the fabric is shipped in large rolls to our family-owned cut & sew partners in Illinois and California where it is turned into your wardrobe staples. At this stage. We print the patterns, cut the fabric into individual pieces, and then sew the pieces into the final form. We maximize stitches per inch for durability and pre-shrink everything we make.

We believe you deserve to know every hand that touches your clothing.

Check out the journey of your Pareto piece on the hangtag that comes with every garment.