Our Story

It all began with a mission to make the perfect t-shirt dress, one that was not too boxy yet not too tight.

We soon discovered that so many women like us were endlessly searching for quality, timeless versions of the wardrobe essentials they wore most often – the perfect tee, the perfect cardigan, the perfect denim jacket. We embarked on a journey to create the perfect basics. The ones that are for every day (not overly technical), are meticulously made (not disposable fashion), and are achievable (quality but not luxury). However you’ve ended up here – whether it be that you need the perfect t-shirt dress or were inspired by our mission – we can’t wait to get to know you better. We hope that with Pareto as the foundation of your wardrobe, you can tackle every day feeling great.

- Jess & Olivia

What We Believe

Less is More

We’re firm believers in quality over quantity.

When we own less, we can do more –

more adventures, more time with loved ones.

Quality is Everything

Working with some of the best apparel

manufactures right here in the US, we spare no

expense to ensure your Pareto pieces last -

from long staple organic cotton to extra stitches per inch on every garment.

Women Change the World

We’re proud to be a women-owned, women-led small business.

Building wardrobe essentials for you is our greatest honor.

Meet the Pareto Wardrobe