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Thanksgiving outfits

Looking for an outfit for Thanksgiving? Want to look festive without sacrificing comfort? Look no further!

Browse our curated collection of Thanksgiving Outfits.


Kelsey's "uniform" starts with the Pareto Cardigan. Check out Kelsey living the simple life in her Indiana farmhouse.


Cynthia's "uniform" starts with the Pareto Cardigan. Check out Cynthia's relaxed relatable style as she creates a home, one DIY at a time.

Your Tank Top

Finally, a tank top that is stylish and effortless. We don’t think that is too much to ask. With flattering underarm coverage and shoulders that hide any and all straps, you can go from long summer days to outdoor dinner parties without a worry.

Your Cardigan

Finally, a cardigan that is sophisticated and effortless. We don’t think that is too much to ask. With the ideal shape for buttoned or unbuttoned looks and the fitted yet layerable sleeves, effortlessly transition this cardigan from office days to farmers market strolls.

Your Crewneck Sweater

Finally, a crewneck sweater that is cozy and flattering. We don’t think that is too much to ask. With its tapered side seams and polished hem, effortlessly transition this piece from the office to weekends on-the-go without sacrificing comfort or style.

Your Romper

Finally, a romper that is relaxed and stylish. We don’t think that is too much to ask. With an easy neckline that hides any and all straps and an elastic waist that gives you shape, effortlessly transition this romper from plan-free weekends to sightseeing adventures.

Your T-Shirt Dress

Finally, a t-shirt dress that is comfortable and flattering. We don’t think that is too much to ask. With its tapered body and do-anything-without-a-worry length, you can rock this piece from days at the park to post-work happy hours.

Your Sweatpants

Finally, sweatpants that are comfortable and polished. We don’t think that is too much to ask. With a tapered yet comfortable cut and clean ankle hems (goodbye cinched cuffs!), effortlessly transition these pants from a day of errands to a dinner date.

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For your life on the go. Perfect easy looks for days where you’re pulled in a million directions — whether fitting in a walk around the block, running after your kids, or cleaning up the house.


Your everyday routine deserves effortless outfits, leaving you not only comfortable but feeling great. Level up those work from home calls and errand days.


Mix it up with some more playful styles. Goes well with exploring a new part of town or hanging out with good friends — really, any activity where you want to let loose and relax. If only all our days could be this chill!


Outfits that’ll help you feel as polished and capable as your resume is. “Professional” doesn’t have to mean “boring” — these looks are office appropriate, without sacrificing comfort or style.


Celebrate good times, in good outfits. Carve out space for celebrating the big wins and the small. We’re out here in our busy lives rushing from one goal to the next but remember, you’re killing it. This is your excuse to get a little fancy.


Low temps can still bring high style. There’s that cold breeze blowing about, but you’ve still got a packed day and want to balance warmth and looking good. We present: Your new go-to outfits.


The sun is shining, it’s your sign to soak it in! Whether you live for the heat and humidity or can’t wait to get indoors to the AC, you need to stay cool and breezy but still feel pulled together. We’ve got you covered.