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A styling expert, mom of three, and simple living aficionado. Sarah shares daily outfit inspiration with the goal of giving you unshakable confidence. Whether it is getting dressed for a day with her kids or a day helping other women curate their closets, Sarah embraces the elegance of a simple wardrobe. As Sarah says, “Confidence isn't just an accessory; it's the cornerstone of effortless, everyday chic.”

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Your T-Shirt Dress In The Wild

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Our Bestseller: Your T-Shirt Dress


Your T-Shirt Dress has all of the comfort of your “I can only wear at home” boxy t-shirt dress but with a tapered cut. To fine-tune every dimension, we put the dress to the test with women across the country, resulting in the most flattering, versatile t-shirt dress you’ll ever wear. Made from combed cotton and featuring deliberate details like a neckline top stitch, your t-shirt dress will withstand daily wear. Last but definitely not least, we’ve partnered with some of the best craftsmen across the US to ensure Your T-Shirt Dress is not just better for you, but also better for our partners and better for our earth.
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