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A tech consultant, working mom, and style guru. From work wear inspiration to daily mom life, she’s passionate about helping you tackle your day with confidence. Whether it is showing up for her clients or her family, Hannah knows that a simple yet put together outfit is the key to success.

Our T-Shirt Dress has been a staple in Hannah’s closet for years.

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Our Bestseller: Your T-Shirt Dress


Your T-Shirt Dress has all of the comfort of your “I can only wear at home” boxy t-shirt dress but with a tapered cut. To fine-tune every dimension, we put the dress to the test with women across the country, resulting in the most flattering, versatile t-shirt dress you’ll ever wear. Made from combed cotton and featuring deliberate details like a neckline top stitch, your t-shirt dress will withstand daily wear. Last but definitely not least, we’ve partnered with some of the best craftsmen across the US to ensure Your T-Shirt Dress is not just better for you, but also better for our partners and better for our earth.
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