Introducing Our Musings!

Introducing Our Musings!

Our first blog post is about "starting a blog" – anticlimactic we know. While we couldn’t be more excited to dive right in, we wouldn’t be our true, overly structured selves if we didn’t start with the big picture – how it came to be, what you should expect to read about, and what we hope comes out of it (for you and for us).


How Our Musings came to be:

For the past year, we’ve talked the ears off of friends and family about all things Pareto the vision, the rollercoaster of emotions that come with entrepreneurship, what we are seeing along the journey, the way we are approaching each aspect of the business, and countless other musings. We were constantly told, “you should start a blog.” While we initially thought it was their kind way of telling us that they were tired of being our outlet, after hearing it for the 50th time, we started to give it some serious thought. Like all aspects of our business, it was key for us that the blog had a purpose. There is so much content out there. We want to make sure that what we are adding is well...purposeful. So we spent some time thinking and, now, we are ready!


What you should expect to read about:

We’ll be covering a wide range of topics on this blog! We can’t wait to hear what is resonating with you and what you want to read about more. No matter the topic, we never want our content to feel preachy or like we have the only right answer. You should expect musings on...

  • Our journey as we build Pareto: The highs, the lows, the wins, the disappointments
  • Our learnings along the way: The small ‘ah ha’s’ and the big unlocks 
  • Our perspectives on the industry: What we are seeing, what we are hearing, how we are approaching different business decisions


        What we hope comes out of this:

        We’ve spent time deliberately designing Our Musings around specific desired outcomes, for both you and us, to ensure our content is purposeful. As we go, we’ll tweak this list based on what we learn and what you enjoy reading. 

        For our community, we hope that Our Musings is...

        • A fun read: One of the emails in your inbox that you are excited to open
        • A great resource for becoming a more conscious consumer: New ways to think about topics, a resource to simplify this overly complex world of “sustainability,” a source of inspiration to incorporate little changes into your life 
        • An inspiration to go after your dreams: Don’t worry, we are also guilty of saying “I am waiting for the perfect time to do [insert your dream business, trip, or adventure].” That “perfect moment” doesn’t exist. Instead, it is the micro-moments where you take small steps forward

        For both of us as founders, we hope that Our Musings is...

        • A way to document this wild ride: We say we are going to remember everything but, as you know, that is never the case
        • A forcing mechanism to reflect: We were once told that experiences are nothing unless you have time to reflect on them. We couldn’t agree more, but unfortunately, the day to day is crazy. With so many competing priorities, reflecting always gets bumped to the bottom of the to-do list
        • A way to directly communicate with you, our community: Social media is a fantastic tool, but it is quick, fleeting, and congested. We want to engage with you on a deeper level, on topics that matter to you


          We’ll refer to this blog as Our Musings. You may be asking, “Who does ‘our’ refer to”? Don’t worry, we’ll get there in our next post!


          In the meantime, we would love to hear from you in the comments below what are you most interested in reading about?

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          • Karen Hansen on Sep 12, 2021

            My daughter-in-law Eleonor was one of your models. Carol Busacker is a good friend who recognized her. Looks like a great concept. I work in a school and the look would be perfect.

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